Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, September 02, 2007

On a Very Serious Note

The magazine that helped shape my snarky stances within gaming and on life in general failed years ago. It was called PC Accelerator (PCXL), and its tagline was "Games, Girls, Gags". It spent less of its time playing games than it did writing humor and oogling girls in their pages, and I was fine with that. Fans of PCGamer, its friendly rival, claimed PCXL staffers couldn't beat PCGamer staffers, which was true for the most part. Except the famous match where editor Ed Helms beat three PCGamer staffers at once in an RTS called Homeworld.

Why do I talk about this? Because after being dead for almost seven years (due to low sales), PCXL is back on the shelf. I was woken up by a call about it (from my sister) telling me IT WAS BACK. And I fell asleep again. And woke up again, only to check up on it. Sure enough, it exists again. To play up the irony that my gamerchick sister was the one who found it, the first new issue looks like this:

I can't wait to subscribe again.