Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cubs Playoff Hunt...watch?

I went to a Cubs game on Friday, and we won 13-8. That makes my record for games 4-5 for the year. Winning percentage: .444, my best record since 2003 (when we almost made it to the World Series (which, for the lifelong Cubs fan, is pretty normal). Are my Cubs for real?

The game I went to on Friday had Dutchie Caray singing the Seventh Inning Stretch with a recording of the last time Harry Caray sang. Now, I'm not normally an emotional person: I leave that to Andy, the friggin' crybaby. But I fought back tears... Harry Caray was the voice of mine and Andy's childhoods.

Of course, Andy was bawling with his arm around me. Wimp.

So, now begins Aviary's Cubs Playoff Huntwatch. The division is almost ours, and now it's time to make the push. Playoff tickets are ridiculously expensive, and while it's my dream to see a playoff game in Cubs Park, paying $250+, kinda tough. But someday.

Anyway, welcome to the Cubs Playoff Huntwatch, a name I created two minutes ago for the fourth paragraph of this post. Still working on the logo for it.