Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Here's a new website I'll have to add to the sidebar (when I feel like making this a non-Slytherin page later): Bardball!

I guess I'll have to post one of my old poems. (It was written in 8th grade!)

Casey IV: A Little Homage to Ernest Lawrence Thayer's "Casey at the Bat"

Yet another year, and the outlook was poor...
You'd know if you had looked at the score.
The crowd, discouraged, was leaving quickly
In hopes to get home for another game on TV.
A few hopeful still stayed, while the rest resigned to next year,
For those who stayed, they held their Mudville nine dear.
Needless to say, someone shouted then, "Look now who's up!
He's got his bat...
THIS one can get us out of our rut!"

With his team down by the total of eight,
Casey IV stepped up to the plate.
He looked at the mound, his grip on the bat,
And prayed the ump was not a rat.
Bases were loaded, Ninth inning no doubt,
Pitches were thrown, Strike One, Two... so close to an out.
Count 3 and 2, the pitch came in,
The crowd was silent, could this lead to a win?
Casey swung and CRACK! BOOM! BAM!
Four new runs for Mudville! A whole grand slam!
But since they needed eight, they were still in a jam,
And struck out did the very next man.