Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, January 05, 2004

Someone asked me why Steve Bartman did not make the list of the Four Horsemen of 2003. Well, all in truth, Steve Bartman averted a very quick end to this plane of Existence. He righted the natural order of the world, keeping the Cubs out of the World Series (the other end, the Red Sox, did it by themselves), and yet... as a diehard Cubs' fan... I think I'd have taken Armageddon over what we got (the Marlins winning everything).

As we once discussed, what will never come to be in 2003, Jesus is coming back, smiting the wicked and judging the damned, and then catching a Cubs-Red Sox game:

"And now for the ceremonial first pitch, the Pres... wait, tha-that's not President Bush! It seems Jesus Christ, stepping down from the Golden Stairs of the Heavenly Host, is the surprise guest to throw out that first pitch! Ha ha ha! Bud Selig sure knows how to put on a show! And..."

Wouldn't that have been grand?