Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

"Next year"

So bitter. So bitter to say that. So goddamned bitter.

But, it's more than we can say for the Chicago White Sox.

About the only news story in town... I'll give our fuckup fan a break, a little sympathy, but he still started such a monumental chain reaction with such a stupid move (stupid moves, a plural, if you looked at everyone around him during the play), that he should be racked with the guilt of his stupidity forever. And hopefully, no Cub fan will EVER reach for a foul ball again if hit by the opposing team.

The Cubs will rise again. We still have Dusty Baker. We will have most of our team back. Our pitching staff will be more experienced, and Sosa should bounce back! This is the rise of the Cubs. We're not gonna lay down and die like the Marlins did the last six years. We shall keep rising! We're gonna win next year.