Eaglie's Aviary

Saturday, October 18, 2003

It's time to not care anymore, but still, Cub fans must get the last word.

Yes, we lost. But we nearly made it to the World Series. Tell me how long it's been since the White Sox nearly made it to the World Series. Unlike the White Sox, the Cubs don't have to tear apart our team to have a shot next year. And who actually has a manager at this current time, an especially good, first-year one? This is why we are hopeful. I'll cite a newspaper editorial. "Don't think of these as the 1984 Cubs. Think of them as the 1984 Bears." In 1984, the Bears were an up-and-coming team that had lost miserably the season before. With a new coach and a newly-built high-powered team, the Bears nearly made it to the Super Bowl before choking. They went 15-1 the next year and blew out the Patriots in the Super Bowl (of course, the team came apart right after that... but let's ignore that part for now).

And, yes, the White Sox won their division in 2000. And the Cubs won it in 2003. Where were the White Sox in the 1989? And where were the Cubs in 1958? And where were the White Sox throughout the 1930's?! And where were we during the Black Sox years? It boggles the mind how often one team sucked when one team did great.

We admit it, we fucked up. The Marlins just played better than us those last three games. We still have our time in the spotlight. The White Sox fucked up, too, this year. Both had their shots, both fucked up. Honestly, some of us Chicagoans need some amnesia-inducing head injuries to forget it all. It's a fucking fuckpot in Chicago right now.

It's probably time to stop the infighting, and to gather together again to start worrying about how terrible the Bears are doing. And the Bulls. And just about all the other Chicago teams. Maybe we can all watch Northern Illinois football? That's not too far off.