Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Land of Autumn Is Slacking

I live in the Northeast, the land of autumn. Where is my instant beauty?

I don't know much about this place yet, but I expected on September 22nd to see all the leaves to burst into flame and dance in the wind. Instead, I see a lot of misty skies, rain, and, once in a while mixed in, an 80-degree day.

Not to mention school. There's always schoolwork when I should be out playing with friends outside with a light jacket on. I should be making Ol' Man Witteker mad after he spent his whole day raking! But I don't have any time to jump in the leaf piles! And there aren't even any on the ground yet! Five whole days into October!

Fall is the reason to live in deciduous America and not California. Don't screw this up for me, Nature.