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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Said I'd BRB from LA...

Andy and I decided to stand in the smog an extra five days. But hey, we saw Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen! And Charlie Chaplin, though I suspect he was an impersonator.

I'm working on the trip write-up for you guys, and Andy's got an impressive photo collection to edit into a manageable, readable blob. But for now, I'll repost some highlights of the Twitterlogue:

After carefully considering how early I had to get up for a 6:30am flight, is it too late to cancel & fly to LA on my own wings? 2:09 AM Jun 13th from txt

So, far, my guidebook of Grapes of Wrath has lied. I can't pick oranges, grapes or even wine straight from the trees in #California. 4:58 PM Jun 13th from txt

Nesting hummingbirds have the speed & dexterity of 10 soccer moms. 3:21 PM Jun 15th from txt

Okay, so #LA has not been burnt. Just looted.10:50 AM Jun 15th from txt

The Surplus Store: Earthquake & Survival Supplies: seems to me "surplus" is a misnomer in earthquake-ridden, Laker-fan-infested #LA8:51 PM Jun 15th from txt

Biggest impressions at Manns? Probably Sam Jackson's hands, Jimmy Stewart's feet, or Jimmy Durante's nose. 12:32 PM Jun 16th from txt

Twitter is a sorry means for describing art but I'll try: based on one painting, the stigmata of St Catherine was caused by PEWPEWPEW beams. 1:52 PM Jun 18th from txt

I had my first sighting ever of the rare baja fish taco, which lives in festive environments, full of stucco. 7:47 PM Jun 18th from txt

And, yes, I realize that I'm taunting my readers at home, talking about mostly dry weather & Pacific sunsets painting skies. Ooo, rainbow! 1:01 PM Jun 20th from txt

I'm on a sugar-white beach grasped by the crawl of the tide and flame of the sun--man, I love this poetic landscape stuff so hard.5:09 PM Jun 20th from txt

At the end of #Route66. I think we cheated by taking United though. 2:27 PM Jun 21st from txt

#Vegas is BOILING HOT! WHY DID I LEAVE MY TERMINAL?!?! 3:30 PM Jun 22nd from txt

Now, the 4-hour voyage home. And some time(zone) traveling. See you guys in the future! 5:24 PM Jun 22nd from txt