Eaglie's Aviary

Friday, June 12, 2009

Going to California, BRB--Really!

Ah, bright lights, cameras, and action: Andy and I are making a trip out to LA for a few days. My whirlwind tour to a beautiful city of contrasts, a land of desire, you know, all those travel cliches.

I'll have the mobile Twittering turned on, of course, and I'll be taking plenty of pictures. I won't be Internet-less, though I probably won't be checking much email anyway. I'd rather be picking the grapes right off the vines and watch my step, lest I fall into very large crack (though that would be San Andreas' Fault, amirite?!).

I'll put my talons in the Walk of Fame, steal George Clooney's smug-ass star, and then buy expensive popcorn at Mann's.

Gotta get out to the ocean too, check out those chicks at the beach. And make some more stupid puns and Steinbeck jokes. All the tourist-y things!

I might die this vacation, being unlucky enough to be in LA when the Lakers win the NBA Finals. (When, not if... sorry to entire-world-that-thinks-Kobe-needs-to-curl-up-and-die-of-cigarette-burns.) But don't worry: I'll keep you guys updated from the grave.