Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Now for Fifty Years We've Been on Our Own

Ironic that The Day the Music Died led directly to the most popular karaoke song in history. And c'mon: "American Pie" has to be cut to fit TIME CONSTRAINTS for the radio. How did the music DIE? I guess you have to just understand the song, they say.

Of course, everyone has to tell you where they were that Day. I wasn't hatched yet, but I'm pretty sure with glasses I look just like Buddy Holly. And as for Andy, he wasn't born yet, but Buddy was 22 when his plane went down. Same age as Andy right now. What a downer. (RIMSHOT.)

So we don't have a real story. But Andy tells me his mom went to the very last show before fateful Clear Lake. The kind of story that gives adults a glazed-over look and silence following. He promises he'll ask about it later.

That's my story then.

(Editorial Note: only one Weezer reference. Good.)