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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


While disappointed in the results of the hottest nerd contest (Felicia Day is not way up there?! Rosario Dawson isn't either?!?! Not even the top ten?!?!?! I am so not using enough interrobangs to describe this!!!), I am a little pleasantly surprised at the same time. Great feeling, being disappointed and pleasantly surprised: I'd make a great game show host.

The winner of the ladies' side is the creator of Hot For Words, a busty look at etymology and other wordy enterprises. In honor of the contest, she made this video:

Philip DeFranco is the men's winner, and what's so special about him? He likes hockey?

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I still don't think Kari Byron is a nerd. she's just the token hot chick; she doesn't even have an advanced degree in any subject I would qualify as "nerdy"

the video of the winner looked like the beginning to a spelling-bee themed porn

I rebuke that entire contest, and refuse to recognize any winners
I agree: the accent adds to the porn-bee element. But what are your thoughts on the male winners?
Colbert is attractive in a 1950s businessman way, and not just cause he's old. the suits, the haircut, and the facial structure all remind me of the old movies where men get stuff done and women faint from the vapors. so, that's kind of hot if you're into his Colbert Report persona...or from the 50s

Phil D...who? first off, his picture on the website makes him look like the kind of guy who bought into the "sensitive man" bullshit that was spreading around a decade or so ago. like the first time you get to go into his apartment he'd Rickroll you and sing along...with all the words coming straight from is heart. I'll have none of that, thank you

honestly...Colbert wins that battle for me. but you wanna know who's totally a sexy nerd and got completely left off that list? Michio Kaku: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michio_Kaku and he's actually (my definition of) a nerd. he's like a sexy theoretical physicist combination of Mr. Miagi and Einstein. HAWT
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