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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Notes from Lollapalooza

Guess you didn't realize I was at Loolapalooza this weekend! Though I should clarify that I was not actually INSIDE Lollapalooza, due to cheapness and lack of interest in losing my wallet. I was downloading the songs the old fashioned way... on the lawn across the street, just within earshot. Music piracy needs to get back to its lounging roots, seriously.
  • I can say that Flogging Molly, as usual, was its brogue-ish self. I'm a sucker for boys with accents. Not that I'm gay for the Irish or anything.

  • Shout-out to Friend of the Blog Jordan who was run into and who promptly ran off to another concert because she actually HAD tickets.

  • Kanye West began his set with some smoke, searchlights, camera flashes, and the first few bars of that "Work It" song. Then he launched into a new song. Not many lesser egos can get away with that tease.

That's it for my Lolla-Blogging. Maybe another year I'll Twitter it!



Twittering Lollapalooza is for winners. *I* did, when I was sober enough to remember
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