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Thursday, July 24, 2008

GET IT? A DINO-SORE!!! Oh, Damn, I Forgot to Tell the Joke

I checked this nerdified link Andy gave me a bit ago where there is notably a dinosaur on the chart called a Xinjiangovenator parvus, the Ah-nold of the Mesozoic. While checking the link out, I discovered another link about dinosaurs, this one about their doomsday. Instead of a meteor, a volcano might have shot thousands of tons of sulphur into the air, lasting centuries.

Now, not to sound too dismal, but, instead of the one in a million shot of a meteor hitting the Earth, a REGULARLY OCCURING NATURAL PHENOMENON CAUSED A MASS EXTINCTION? Something that could wake up again someday? As a spokesman against the Apocalypse, I am seriously leaning back toward meteors.

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