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Monday, June 23, 2008

To Georgie, 1937-2008

While usually trying to skip the very audible buzzes coming from the rest of the media (and instead listen for the more inane buzzes coming from icanhascheezburger and the dumber news sites), I have to pay tribute to a fallen warrior of my kind. No, he was not feathered, but he was pony-tailed.

I made it no secret that I thought Mr. George Carlin had gone off the deep end into ranting rather than comedy (which is funny when you read some interviews with him, where he says that sticking to the "funniness" is the most important part, but that's besides the point!). He spent more of his last decade before the lights went out attacking God than making fun of Him. However, George Carlin was, is, and forever will be a genius of delivery, a giant of cleverness, and a conductor of magical trains.

Good luck up there on the rooftop, sir!

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