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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Home Haven

Two friends of the Blog are off to see the Wizard to go to Yale (same difference). Neither has ever been to Yale or New Haven, Conn, but I have! In fact, me and Andy went four years ago, January 2004, for a Model UN Conference: Andy represented Germany on disarmament, I represented Germany on KICKING ASS.

So I got to hang in New Haven for four days, three nights, and a few drunken stupors. Most of what I remember was that United Kingdom was REALLY hot. Andy was a little starstruck, too. He totally pulled a cartoon wolf-whistle and heart thumping, both in the least subtle fashion. But I figure I have some advice for the two of them as they skip on their merry way, down the Chowder-Brick Road, especially after I looked it up on Wikipedia for ten minutes.

I saw this sign! Hmm, what else?

There was a very nice breakfast/lunch place with an indistinguishable exterior (probably on College or Church Street). I had good eggs there and eventually clam chowder (how couldn't I, really?).

Louis' Lunch is important to remember. A hamburger stand A-listed by the Library of Congress? How could that be? Maybe because it invented the hamburger?

Maybe. I think that's really debated. The American government says yes, a whole lot of restaurants say no, Louis' Lunch says yes. (We all know who stole the first hamburger though... The Hamburglar, Sr.) As it is, it's a pretty plain burger with very good meat: yes, me and Andy tried it. It's white bread, meat, and maybe a garnish if you're feeling adventurous. But it's a piece of history... didn't you like history in school?

Then there's Yale. Beautiful lecture halls that are beyond huge, a massive quad to put any school west of there to shame... you guessed it: I don't remember a thing about the place. There is not, in fact, anything to do there, as far as I can recall. Except a lot of walking.

Though there was this great parking garage...



heyyyy shoutout.

for now i'll have to take your word on it; i think the plan to is scope out more of the campus and surrounding area once we're not working 13-hour days. which hopefully is soon.

it's my goal, at least, to do lots of exploring and look for new things to do, but i'll probably end up just drinking lots of coffee and spending hours hiding from bookstore employees while i read free trashy novels.
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