Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spindle Thieves in the Night

They stole it. Cermak Plaza, the city of Berwyn (where was the landmark status?), whoever else involved. They stole it.

Friday night/Saturday morning, they took an item of immense value down, piece by piece, tore it out like my heart, Wayne's World be damned.

My dad once told me that the blue car, the third one from the top, was where our old car went. Never mind that it wasn't the right model: I was four. I STILL don't know cars. I think it was a Dodge.

But this is my touching tribute to the sculpture that defined my neck of the woods. Berwyn, Forest Park, North Riverside... what else DID we have? A panther sighting?

Okay, that was an obscure, ancient reference, even by my standards.

Anyway, I wanted to say goodbye, Spindle. You were the tallest thing for miles. And you will stand taller every time you think of you.