Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, May 05, 2008

Five Years of Aviariness

Hypothetical situation: so I write this one blog... no, wait, a friend writes this one blog. Well, it's really more like a friend of a friend, and the blog is actually written in a dream.

He started this blog May 5, 2003, five years ago to this day, in his dream to get the attention of a girl. Or, a friend of a girl. Who was really hot. This friend of a girl wrote a blog about her feelings but had this great tone that matched my friend of a friend. And so he REALLY liked her. But she wasn't impressed. Yet he kept writing and writing. And he got much better, wrote about a great deal of interesting topics, and developed schizophrenic tendencies. Now he is here.

For a friend.

Well, that leads into what I have to say today. Besides the drunken revelry and celebrations, I am proposing a new platform for the birthday blog, consisting of six points. I call it the Aviary Six-Point Platform:

One, every year, at this time, I will give a State of the Aviary Address, similar to this one.

Two, there will be a new design, with an easier, more prominent way to tell who's writing each post. New color schemes, a calendar, the whole shebang. It'll be beautiful, attractive, and popular. Get going on that, Andy.

Three, more multimedia posts, including videos, maps, animations, and possibly Eaglie-Andy podcasts. I recently discovered Picasa, a slideshow builder! So picture stories might get an upgrade! But don't worry, regular picture stories will continue.

Four, there will be more posts, of longer and greater caliber. But I say that every year. I always lie.

Five, I will begin advertising, working within the Blogosphere, and bringing in more readers and commentators. I will make sure the comment system doesn't suck by then! Andy, get on that.

Six, my five-year anniversary has been kind of lame so far, mostly due to the sheer number of other projects me and Andy are working on. However, the Aviary apologizes and promises a better ten-year anniversary. And we have also changed the name of this new Aviary's Six-Point Platform to This New Aviary's Six-Point Platform.

Happy Birthday, dream-blog!