Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know, blogging all the time is hard work. You might be saying, "Andy! You don't blog anyway! It's your partner Eaglie who blogs! But I'm the brains behind this whole five-and-a-half-year endeavor, and you can't deny that! All the layout stuff? I did that (including a semi-finished layout upgrade I'm doing).

Back to the subject at hand: blogging gets you into trouble, usually not with the law, but with professional life. Some people complain about getting in trouble from their companies for blogging about work life. For some reason, this stuff doesn't stay private. Of course, the companies have all the right to fire someone who doesn't use any pseudonyms! Ha ha! While I don't use a pseudonym at all and mostly leave the blogging up to Eaglie, the main reason I'm lucky is I don't have a job that requires employee discipline... no job to speak of, really.

However, this stuff all got me into trouble in a way I never thought possible. Here I am, looking to be an editor on a class magazine... something for the portfolio, and because I'm a "blogger for over five years," I get that job instead of an editing job like I wanted! So there goes my portfolio. Instead, I get yet another mark to my resume that says "blogger." Lovely. No one cares.

Oh well. Time to figure out how to coordinate it all. Blogspot or Wordpress is the question.