Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy TLAP Day, Ye Saucy Bloggers!

Ahoy, mateys and matettes! Internat'nal Talk Like A Pirate Day is ag'in makin' herself known! Seems t'slink up'n us faster then th'Golden Hind cap'ned by th'Devil himself!

Prepaaaaare t'be boarded t'day or else prepaaaaare t'meet Davy Jones, an' he be a whole lot scarier than in th'movie!

So t'day, let go of yer worries, yer life, yer tests which sometimes are on phar(RRRRRRR)maceuticals or th'great Francis Drake... it be a day of merriment, and so go out'n fer grog an’ get three sheets t'th'wind. Enjoy a good jig, an' sing along 'r whistle at least, if'n ye be up fer it!

An' if ye be annoyed with me talk, go suck a orange. I hear it be good fer ye, scurvy dog!

-Funnybone McSeadog