Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Evolves with the Thunderstone to Eagawk! Really!

Googling myself (Eaglie), I always discover new and interesting stalkers

For example, look down at the E section at this site.

Eaglie(EE-glee) - This Pokemon is purely based off of the Bald Eagle and its name is nothing special. =P It's about 2 feet in length and is quite an attention hogger. It will only listen to a mother or father figure for different things. It's complicated upbringing make it a pain in the neck to train. PDex Snip - "Eaglie, the Eaglet Pokemon. This Flying and Dragon Pokemon is very sensitive and needy. For this Pokemon to survive, it needs both a mother and father figure in its life, each parent having a specific duty that it will only listen to them for."

I am a Pokemon, plain and simple, and I didn't know it.