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Monday, September 17, 2007

Alcohol Screening Test, Absolut Fun

I took an alcohol consumption test on the advice of some Flowers. I agree with Bhauk's assessment: "why are so many people such pussies about drinking? what causes this"

And now, MY long-awaited results:

Based on your Responses:
It is likely that your current drinking patterns are hazardous or harmful to your health and well being. Your responses to the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) are in a range believed to be consistent with problems related to drinking. However, the AUDIT cannot diagnose any condition or tell you for certain if alcohol use is harming your health; rather, it is a screening test to determine the likelihood of problematic drinking, and thus whether you should seek further evaluation.

Many people are not aware of how their alcohol consumption compares to that of the general public. More than 88% of the general adult American population and 80% of men consume fewer drinks per week than you reported consuming.

Recommended Action:
Because your results indicate that your drinking patterns may be hazardous or harmful, consider seeking further evaluation from your doctor or other qualified health professional, who can help you determine if your alcohol consumption is adversely affecting your health or interfering with your work and relationships. You may also want to learn more about health problems related to drinking and ways to reduce your risk. The links below will assist you in locating a local health professional for further assistance, and in making well informed health decisions about alcohol.

Those percentages are really high! Guess I'm screwed for life. Better pack up and see a pediatrician...

Oh, right. Forgot I have a grownup's doctor now. Oh, well. Should be able to handle the news better.