Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Walking from the Taste down Jackson yesterday, I ran into a group of people handing out Jesus flyers. Behind them, on the fence, they had placed a banner that read "He is not here! He is risen!" It was a painting of Jesus, hovering over a fresh grave, with several gravestones nearby. The gravestones read "JFK", "Here Lies Buddha", and "Here Lies Muhammed", to name a few.

Moments later, a man dressed as an angel (wings, halo, white robe, white paint all over his body, roller skates, bald head) appeared on the street corner (Jackson and Michigan). I thought for a moment this was too perfect, until a brass section (several trumpets and trombones) struck up a tune across the street, the tune being the Theme for Monty Python's Flying Circus. I fell over laughing.

I have pictures, I just don't (or don't care to) know how to upload them to my computer.