Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 21st was my, Andy's, birthday. I went out to Naperville for a Dave Barry book signing, all about Peter and the Shadow Thieves.

First off, Dave seems very dorky in person, but he's very comfortable speaking publically. Ridley Pearson, not so much. But Dave was quite funny... actually, he was exactly how I act in front of an audience I realize... and he had the kids (this is a children's book signing) and the adults laughing pretty constantly. Ridley was still pretty funny and personable, too, but you could see Dave is the much more magnetic personality.

Dave and Ridley talked a lot about going on tax-deductible fact-finding missions to London. They discussed working together, and their love of this new kind of writing the two were doing. Finally, they read a chapter from the book, Ridley dressed in a shadowy cloak, and Dave in a Robin Hood-esque hat.

I met some people in line that were huge Dave Barry fans. However, one kind of upset me by being so cynical and scoffing about how Dave should be writing humor, not kids' books. Two others I met (two I quite liked meeting) were later featured prominently on Dave's blog. The Dave fans were kind of rabid... I felt a little bad for Ridley, since he was getting much less of the attention.

In line, I was asked by one of the shopkeepers if I wanted a personalization slip. I asked, wait, I need to sign waivers or something? And she stared a moment, then asked my name. She then put my name on a sticky tab and placed it in my book.

Woweeeee, I was up and talking to them! I told them how I'd read Dave a good portion of my life and I was promising myself I'd read Ridley Pearson's books later. I took a picture with them (which will be developed and posted soon), and then my dad whispered to Dave it was my birthday...

Dave and Ridley then went into a rowsing, somewhat drunken chorus of "Happy Birthday," and they trailed off at my name. I thanked them through my sputtering laughs, and headed off with my book and a blush to my face.

Dave has a great handshake, by the way.