Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, July 13, 2006

How cool does this sound?

"Mr. X, a mysterious man who is apparently exceedingly wealthy, has created a fleet of 1920s replica luxury cruise ships designed as playgrounds for a sick game he enjoys to watch. He sends out free tickets on his cruise ships to coerce people into what appears to be an amazing opportunity. However, once they board the ship they discover that if they don't participate in Mr. X's game, they and their family will die. He wants to watch you all murder each other until only one is left standing...but be sure no one sees you do it or you wind up in jail. Each time you murder your quarry Mr. X will reward you with cash. The game is very deep, featuring a needs system such as going to the bathroom, eating, drinking, etc. This prevents camping, and let me tell you there is nothing like following your quarry into the bathroom and putting an axe in their back while they try to take care of business... The needs system combined with being followed by your own personal hunter makes for a very strategic game of planning on how you want to approach the hunt. You need to balance making sure you aren't being stalked by your hunter, trying to kill your quarry without being seen, and managing your own bodily needs."

Here's a review (with screenshots!).