Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sorry that Eaglie's posts have been replaced as of late by Andy's, but I have a political stance to take.

The Village of Forest Park has been tearing up concrete and repaving my street at home. They just put made a new apron for our driveway (the only people with a driveway on our block... for the past 60 years!). This is new concrete, costing ~$7000 to make in the first place.

Our lovely council has deemed that we do not need the driveway, so they will be turning it into lawn and tearing out the new apron. Solely because someone on the staff decided it was a good idea. That commissioner didn't even put his name on the act.

Now, it is up to my dad with some help from my mom and me to tell them how stupid that is. ESPECIALLY since they just replaced it weeks ago, and tearing it out and turning it into a normal curb/sidewalk/lawn will cost a good bit extra. And they have absolutely no reason to tear it up in the first place: the residents don't need it? Assuming that, wouldn't it be less costly anyway to leave it?

Whatever. Time to fight the power, guys. The ultimate power. The Village of Forest Park.