Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finding out more about my family... I now have a pretty definitive proof I have English blood as well as Irish: my Irish family's name Adamson (a very English last name) came from a town in Ireland that had an English garrison. Who knows how removed I am from it?

Goddamnit, I guess I bleed orange as well as green!

Another story from my life: my great grandfather (Adamson) was the county assessor in Kenosha County (Wisconsin). He wasn't exactly a socialist, though he was supposedly extremely popular due to the aid he lent people in need.

My great grandfather also was popular because everyone thought he was one of theirs (nice ploy for a politician). My grandfather told my mom, "The Swedes thought he was a Swede, and the Irish knew damn well he was Irish."

Also, apparently, he was English, too, at some point.