Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Part of being the best writer you can be is being a part of the world, not just being a pretentious English major.

[18:39] lkilbridge: i talk about dreams too much
[18:40] EaglieHappyToo: eh
[18:40] EaglieHappyToo: i don't get enough dreams... well, i guess i do, i just don't remember
[18:40] EaglieHappyToo: i had a dream yesterday... but i can't remember it for the life of me
[18:40] lkilbridge: ahah
[18:41] lkilbridge: good story
[18:41] EaglieHappyToo: YUP
[18:41] EaglieHappyToo: it was literary goodness
[18:42] EaglieHappyToo: the word "yesterday" is an image of days gone by, remembering youth and condemning the pains of aging
[18:42] EaglieHappyToo: and "life of me" is an American idiom, making note that this author is an American, possibly making reference to the... uh...
[18:42] EaglieHappyToo: American Dream?
[18:43] EaglieHappyToo: And that's what I get for taking a literary theory class
[18:43] lkilbridge: i see
[18:43] lkilbridge: (ahahhah)
[18:44] EaglieHappyToo: actually, i'm surprised how long it took me to get to the theme of the American dream
[18:44] EaglieHappyToo: That's what scares me