Eaglie's Aviary

Friday, December 23, 2005

Sorry for being update crazy today. But this one's not meant to be funny. Look to the other posts from today for funny.

Now I will tell you the story of two furry, bright-eyed creatures that had their lives saved. They were left on the street. In a PetCo box, to die. But someone came along and picked up the curiously clean box. Opening it up, two pairs of those bright eyes stared back at my dad. He brought them home, not a week after my high school graduation.

One was big, one was small. I named each for an ancient warrior king. Yes, I chose the names, and the big mouse would be Beowulf, and the small one would be David. Beo and Dave for short. Two cute little rodents of a type that I swore I'd never have more of: mice break your heart for being such great pets with such short lifespans. But how could I refuse two little refugees as fuzzy? And for the first time, I had two little mice that didn't bite me.

But mortality plays tricks on us all.

Thus made their mourning the men of Geatland,
for their hero's passing his hearth-companions:
quoth that of all the kings of earth,
of [mice and] men he was mildest and most beloved,
to his kin the kindest, keenest for praise.

To my little warrior: your bright eyes and gentle hop could show anyone what life really should be. Rest, little warrior-king: Beowulf of the race of Mice. We'll miss you, and I think your brother Dave will miss you most.

Beowulf - May 2004 - December 2005