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Friday, December 23, 2005

Dear Eaglie,

Have you ever been stuck on a word or phrase that prevented you from finishing your poetic creation?

Have you felt frustrated when the right word was on the tip of your tongue and you could not find it?

Have you ever felt you needed help to conquer obstacles in your creative writing?

The editors of The International Library of Poetry have now found the answer to your frustrations . . . MASTERWRITER!

MasterWriter is an easy and innovative software program that has an abundance of tools to help you with your creative writing blocks. Originally, MasterWriter was developed to assist in songwriting, but its universal appeal and state-of-the-art resources can help to improve any type of creative writing. In fact, poets in the acclaimed International Society of Poets have started using this product and we are getting tremendous feedback. With the assistance of MasterWriter, you will have the most valuable tool at your fingertips, making your poetic endeavors that much easier and more satisfying.

All writers need assistance from time to time, and all great poetic works have been written and rewritten many times before they were deemed finished by their author. MasterWriter is a powerful organizational tool which can help you with your creative writing by instantaneously giving you rhymes, phrases, alliterations, synonyms, and much more for any word you desire. You will become a better writer because of the endless word and phrase choices that are at your fingertips. The program is easy to use, and it is a must-have for poets who are serious about mastering their craft.

MasterWriter . . .

it can help you obtain your masterpiece . . .

and eliminate the frustration you once felt!

Order MasterWriter today (just $199.99, plus shipping and handling) and start experiencing the power and ease of this magnificent writing tool. The retail price for this exceptional writing tool is $299.00. However, this special discounted price is available exclusively for The International Library of Poetry's most valued customers. And, as always, your satisfaction is assured with an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee.


Howard Ely
Managing Editor
The International Library of Poetry

If $200 grew on trees, I'd indulge just to see what it's like.