Eaglie's Aviary

Friday, May 21, 2004

It's May... and it's prom season! Tonight, we're going to unleash our fashion experts and teach the world the meaning of "Armani tuxedo."

Our experts have come up with the prom fashions of the year for those boys out there. If you are considering prom and you truly want that snazzy "I-know-bupkis-about-fashion-but-these-guys-sure-do" look, then you've come to the right roost:

First off, there is the traditional tuxedo. You all know what it looks like. Thus, we're skipping to the more non-traditional fashions of this prom season:

This catchy suit is a bargain at bargain price! You really can show your date you don't follow those stuffy traditions of society with this cheap but slick bargain suit!
$39.435 rental

There's no better way to tell your date's parents your date is in safe hands than by showing them this suit of fashionable plate armor. Blessed at the Vatican by blind Tibetan monks and rabbis, and also consecrated by several randomly chosen different religions, it's holy too! You won't be taking that man's daughter to the local Sleep 'N' Leave, tonight, nosirree!
$2599.95 rental (But think of the current price of condoms!)
*$500 No-Tarnish Deposit required in addition

This is the opposite of our mildly unpopular Paladin model. This is the "I-mean-business" formal wear. If you want to tell your date "I can swagger and rape with the best of them," we recommend this model.
$279.99 rental
*Upgrade to this model: Viking outfit, with Battle Axe and Horn of Gondor accessories
$599.98 rental

Just remember: any tuxedo looks snazzy, but it takes the right person to look truly cool in one.

Sometime later, we'll have the ladies' selections!