Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, May 09, 2004

It's been a bitch to update doing everything. Well, might as well give an update from the life of a senior winding down.

The winddown since Spring Break has been:

Andy scored a great victory, asking a certain Irish hottie to prom.

Andy then had to face the reality that Burdulis would not be in the Improv show, while George, the mentor, would not be the leader of Improv anymore.

Next, Andy had to brave a fight for prom tickets and tables. And has royally fucked up. Pope Corky would probably not disagree.

All the while, Andy's been trying to keep up with homework.

But Andy also conned previously mentioned "Irish Hottie" into seeing the Improv show "5-Second Delay." The only speaking between them was a few hello's and a helluva lotta goodbye's, unfortunately. But she saw a kickass show. Maybe today she'll be more open about how the show was (not that she's ever an open person). And Andy covered her with silly string like anyone with a healthy crush would do.

Saturday's show owned. So did Friday's. And Thursday's could've been better, but it did have one of Andy's better Fairy Tale Genre games.

All Andy could do was kiss the stage and walk out of the empty theater. The reign of Dost in Ignatius Improv is over.

Victory is within everyone's reach.