Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday dear the Avi-aryyyy...
Happy birthday to me!

It's been one year! It says May 4 is the birthday of the Aviary, but... you know... well... hmm... fuck you.

For those who remember, this blog started when a certain enticing female showed me her blog. That night, Eaglie got an idea: follow the lead of the hot chick! RAWR! Redheads!

So, essentially, Eaglie began his new endeavor as a columnist. Hopefully Eaglie will become a better worker by the next birthday or two of his Aviary. In the meantime, keep reading and praying for better articles, commentaries, and pictures from everyone's favorite elf, Sorondil (the Elven name of Eaglie... it's like Mithrandir).