Eaglie's Aviary

Saturday, January 10, 2004

News about my projects.

First off, I'm working on some new artwork for this blog, that'll hopefully make this blog start to look like its own entity rather than an offshoot of EverQuest ranting.

Next off, I'm gonna start a proposal to all of ya for a homepage for the Ignatius Blogring. We're going to try to organize this chaos somehow. It needs a better name to... though, a name with Ignatius or Wolfpack would help.

I must decide the hosting page (I could even make it a blog). I could easily use free-host.com, but I'm not a fan of getting a second account there. I still want to organize this, and I would be willing to make banners for all pages that rally under my alliance. Everyone gets an identifying banner on the page if they agree with this project.

Please, for God's sake, comment on this! Or email!