Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Oh, yeah, quick political commentary.

Saddam Hussein is captured. It's all over the news. His face, quoting Dave Barry, is like a "deranged Santa Claus." I personally think he looks suspiciously like Osama bin Laden with the beard. But that's just me.

But to more pressing matters, from the news this morning:

CHICAGO, IL - Since Saddam Hussein has gone into custody, a local, Alexander Zavala, has gone missing. A year ago, Alex began working as a Saddam Hussein lookalike. He started off small as a publicity stunt Saddam for a local adolescent Improv group as the United States prepared to invade Iraq. Alex then moved his act to the streets. A month after the fall of Baghdad, against all wishing, Alex went overseas, eventually into the heart of Iraq. But this morning, all contact with Alex was lost.

Alex is feared missing. This has oddly coincided with the capture of Saddam Hussein himself, leading several of Alex's closest friends to come to conclusions that have not yet been addressed by the governments of the United States or any coalition governments involved with the capture. Any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Zavala would be greatly appreciated.