Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

God, see it already! Don't make me show the picture again!

In other news, the Couple Points SCOREBOARD seems to be at:

  1. Tobers and Edwards: 31 pts
  2. Sarah and Alex: 21 pts
  3. Jordan and Zam: 20.5 pts

I believe someone needs to iron out that system. Especially, there has to be a neutral party, completely unattached to them. Being close to all the guys in the relationships, I believe I have a right to claim the title of judge, only to be forfeited if I end up throwing in my lot into the contest.

As judge, I say just give them a point a day for as long as THEY'RE STILL TOGETHER! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Was that at all mean?