Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

School's back in session, so maybe we should check out the fashions for this school year. This one was sent to me by experts in the industry.

I've seen enough of that.

With school back in session, there's a huge spike in the economy as every single thing that otherwise would never be bought is hoarded. Sales on school supplies go up, and prices hit us poor folk like a hammer! What is to be done about price gauging on school supplies?

Who's out there to fight Big School Supplies (the unholy alliance of BIC, Penmate, Texas Instruments, Elmer's, and Wite-Out)? There's the government, which is laughable. They couldn't tell a monopoly from documentation of a purchase of plutonium in Africa. There's everyone else... which is never something to rely on. What if those other people have diseases, or are traitors, or are different from you?! Then where will you be?

No! There's only the Skool Suplys Lobbyists! Only their work in Congress has kept all those pen and paper prices low (and, consequently, gas prices up)! Give support to those brave men and women fighting to keep you from paying an extra nickel on that ream of paper!

-Paid for by the Skool Suplys Lobbyists ("There is nothing we like better than the sweet smell of cheap school paste.")