Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I r teh back!

Haha! Seriously, I'm home from Kentucky, and I feel all closer to God and Jesus and the Pope and the Buddha and everything, but I'm ready to take a nap and go back to the nice, complacent (and agnostic) life of a parochial high school senior. Harlan is a happening place; it has one of each of the major restaurants, including a Hardee's. It also has approximately 3 gas stations per vehicle in the town. And there was about five dogs per vehicle.
Suffice to say, I loved it, and Kentucky people are damn more intelligent than we make them out to be. Boone, our carpenter, put everyone to shame with his l33t skills. He was a humble, loving man with only 25 different firearms! C'mon! The US Army has more than that! In all seriousness, the people down there deserve more respect.
I'm currently working on converting my travel journal to electronic form. I'll begin posting sections of it soon.