Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, July 21, 2003

Seventeen. Explain to me the point. Okay, I can drive, but couldn't I do that all of last year? I can't drink or smoke yet. Yeah, yeah, if I really wanted to, age wouldn't stop me... I can't enter many delightful contests. Can't vote either (damn discriminatory suffrage laws, excluding us white males under the age of 18).

And how come I'm a minor but I pay adult price (i.e. full price) for everything? And I can be held in jail without bail or even be legally executed in several of the lower 48 states.

Hey, I guess there's always R and NC-17 movies to go to. Woohoo! F*****g Nemo, Sexinator 3: Rise of the Machine, and Pirates of the Carribean (does that need any jazzing up?), here I come!