Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Playing a nice little online text-based roleplaying game called Legend of the Green Dragon, I had one interesting episode today:

You hit Baby Unicorn for 2 points of damage!
You feel like a real jerk killing something so pretty
You have slain Baby Unicorn!

I also killed several batlings, beggars, curious children, and lost hikers. One hiker KO'd me with a walking stick.

Oh yeah, these happened, too:

You have encountered Cherubically Charming Child which lunges at you with Curious Questions!
Level: 1
Start of round:
Cherubically Charming Child's Hitpoints: 2
YOUR Hitpoints: 3
You execute a power move!!!
You hit Cherubically Charming Child for 3 points of damage!
You think it was the alliteration that did him in.
You have slain Cherubically Charming Child!
You recieve 2 gold!
You recieve 14 total experience!

You have encountered Bar Fly which lunges at you with Alcoholism!
Level: 1
Start of round:
Bar Fly's Hitpoints: 1
YOUR Hitpoints: 4
You hit Bar Fly for 1 points of damage!
Good thing you got him before cirrhosis did!
You have slain Bar Fly!
You recieve 33 gold!
You recieve 14 total experience!

All for thee today.