Eaglie's Aviary

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Yes, I saw Reloaded at 7 on Thursday. I'm working on getting Enter the Matrix. Expect a review later, but I might wait to see it again first.

    Another Eaglie List: Top Things to Do with Your AP Number/Barcode Stickers after All Your AP Tests Are Done:

  • Hand them out to little kids
  • Stick them on your clothes
  • Mummify your pens and pencils
  • Mummify a sibling's face
  • Put one on the back of your neck. You are now not only identified as a number and a barcode. You are also now a major sci-fi geek
  • Use them on some product in a store. Bring it up to purchase it. See how long it takes the cashier to figure out that your AP barcode is not the real barcode for that product.
  • For more fun, put the sticker on top of the real barcode of that product. See how long it takes the cashier to call management (or security)