Eaglie's Aviary

Monday, May 05, 2003

Woohoo, got the damned BLOGGER to publish!
Hmmm, English Language exam is tomorrow. Time to prove that I can understand my native tongue!

Quote of the Erroneous Time Period:
"Crowded elevator smell different to midget." - Old fake Chinese proverb.

Eaglie Speaks Out:
What against? Maybe something serious? Just maybe? I am a leftwing radical for God's sake. I'm here to discuss the important issue many over Hollywood's portrayal of demons. They receive very bad raps. I mean, they usually spend their time in movies being created (or summoned, as the case may be) and then ripping various organs out of humans (or other demons, as this case may be). Even just slightly demonic creatures are not spared from the flame. Vampires and Werewolves, creatures that are, by all accounts, at least half-human, are played by only Human-Americans, such as Tom Cruise and Michael J. Fox. Are these blatant disregards for the Bill of Rights and the International Convention on Human Rights things we wish our children to see, to grow up with?! The NAAHSA (National Association for the Advancement of Hellspawned Americans) has requested that I print this letter on their behalf:

Dear Human-Americans or To Whom This May Be Concerned,

Many of you do not know the pain of being bound for all eternity to have scaly skin, flaming hands, or a red pitchfork. None of you will ever know, save a number of CEOs and politicians. We balance the forces of Light and Dark in this world, though the world usually does not need much weight on the darker side. Our point is, the world needs us.
We implore you, citizens of the United States, please do not remove Affirmative Action. Instead, extend it to Demon Americans. We need all the help we can get. We are discriminated against in most job markets, save politics and law. You may be against our ideology and religion, but does the First Amendment not grant us all equality?

William Gates III
President-elect of the NAAHSA

Though I am completely against their ideological stance, I must implore myself and all Human-Americans: we shall stand in solidarity with Demon-Americans over these travesties, and we shall stand united in asking President Bush for change... for progress for our demonic brothers!