Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Quote of the Erroneous Time Period:
Whole AIM conversation
SexyBody04: Hi there! I'm 18 and have an amateur webpage. I like to wear low-cut clothing and slutty shoes... but I even more happy when it's nothing at all! Please cum see me, and I'll show you a good time.
EaglieHappyOne: This is about the science homework, right?

I love people with bots that just go out and hunt down unsuspecting AIM-using perverts like me to ask me out on dates (though, personally, the speed those girls go is a bit too fast). What I really hate is that the bots don't even give a good response. Wasting my remarks talking to a bit of programming language is sheer madness.

Quote of the Erroneous Time Period (Yeah, so that first one had a very short time period... it says "Erroneous" for a reason):
(Name removed for obvious legal and moral reasons... let's just say he's a very annoying person)
A4everkwuest: so im making an improv game
A4everkwuest: so should I kill [him]
[longish pause]
Gendoh2015: early and often