Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

An Editorial by Eaglie Puppydogg

The big thing about Reloaded is excessiveness. It was so excessive with the fight scenes and psychobabble. There was an excessive sex scene. There were excessive numbers of Agent Smiths (that's not a bad thing; Hugo Weaving is a great actor). I wish they hadn't moved so much towards computer graphics though. The Matrix was so great, and it had less than a thousand FX shots. Reloaded still was great, though. Damn, I want a full-length black coat like Neo's!
The scene I hated most: the Zion dance scene. It was the prime example of excessiveness. It did not move the plot forward, and the sex scene was not needed here (we already know they love each other! We don't need to see Trinity's orgasm!). It was a waste of film. Ten minutes of watching this, and I was ready to get up and get popcorn. One person actually told me it reminded them of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, for its tribal rhythms while still being the only free-thinking human civilization on the planet.
Coolest scene: The highway chase. Morpheus slices an SUV in half with a katana. (TAKE THAT GAS GUZZLER!) The agent that smashes the car to pieces by jumping on the hood another amazing trick. Plus, this scene moved the plot forward. The rebels get the Keymaker away and set up for the most important scene in the movie.
Most important scene (don't blink during this portion): The Architect. Yeah, it was only talking, but finally the major plot points are revealed to us. Hearing 500 Neos say "Fuck you" was a hilarious touch. They might have wanted to cut out more of the dance sequence and put in more of this scene. Explain a bit more! I do not want to wait for Revolutions to find out everything!
Special Notes: Anyone notice that all the Agents are white males in between the ages of 21 and 45? And that all of Zion is filled by minority roles. I kid you not that I think this means something.