Eaglie's Aviary

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

It's odd. I feel like a prophet.
On Sunday canoeing, I said to my parents how cool it would be to have a battle with a bunch of people soaking each other on their boats, maybe to the point of sinking the other. And on Monday, I ended up in a big-ass battle aboard paddleboats.
Team 1: Darryl, Peggy, Mal, Lisa
Team 2: Lora, Sarah Star, Meghan, Andy
We ended up soaked. Whereas Team 2 worked like a finely-oiled machine, Team 1's boat was rife with mutiny. After we called for Team 1 to surrender Darryl, Team 1 one-upped us... they soaked Darryl for us. No harm done, except I did get an unhealthy urge to raise the Jolly Roger. I need to get pictures uploaded from it.