Eaglie's Aviary

Friday, May 09, 2003

It's Friday, I'm tired what's to say? I've got less than a week before Reloaded, but I have to make it through Biology and Comp. Gov. AP tests first. I passed that Bio final by the way, "A-." The curve ended up being set around 50 (out of 120) as an "A." Hooray for curves (take that to mean whatever you want, by the way)!

Eaglie Shills Again
Today, a public service announcement from our friends of the American Council of Exotic Food and Illegal Drugs:

Are you unhealthy? Overweight? A fat-ass lump of lard? Really? I mean, just looking at you through the camera in your ceiling, you didn't answer me truthfully! Well, don't fear, because the American Council of Exotic Food and Illegal Drugs has approved yet another food that can, well, do nothing for your chronic obesity, but it sure tastes tangy with the right marinade!

HIPPO: May cause loss of hearing, smell, taste, sight, feeling, sense of decency, sense of direction, life

That's right! Hippo can be very hard to catch, very expensive to buy and to catch (think of those teeth and those poor poachers!), and very illegal to catch, but all that can be forgotten when you take that first bite out of a nice, juicy, 500-pound thigh!

Thank you,
The American Council of Exotic Food and Illegal Drugs

I hear PETA, or [shiver] IETA, calling...