Eaglie's Aviary

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Hmmmmmm, just saw X-2. I'll try not to ruin the ending for you, with Jean Grey becoming the Phoenix, while the President of the United States (thankfully not a Bush) is persuaded by Xavier and the X-Men to not do an inflammatory speech against mutants, and while Pyro joins the Brotherhood of Mutants and Wolverine discovers the Alkali Lake base where he was Weapon X under various experiments by US and Canadian governments. I won't say ANYTHING, no matter how hard you beat it out of me!
Highlights: Cyclops cries (his tears are deadly), and Wolverine has a kitty lick his claws. Oh yeah, there's Jean Grey becoming the Phoenix, too. Phoenix'll own anyone.

Sadly geeky notes on X-Men 2:
Being a student of Advanced Placement Biology, I was horrified to hear a statement by Pyro: "Well, we discovered that only the father carries the mutant gene, so actually it's [the dad's] fault." I thought to myself: Wait, that'd mean this is sex-linked, and the gene would be carried on the Y-chromosome. What's the problem with this? Only males could have the mutant gene! Then where the hell would Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, and so on come from?!
Besides, these are mutations. There wouldn't be a specific gene for them. A mutation is a change in the genetic sequence. You could only inherit a predisposition for a mutation. I really shouldn't even get into the physics and biological impossibilities of having a slight change in the order of nucleotides bestow upon a person the power to control weather or shoot lasers out of your eyes.
Thank you, now I'm going to go watch Star Trek and cry myself to sleep now.