Eaglie's Aviary

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Eaglie's First Death Threat
Well, after the sheer load of reactions the Aviary got after the Hippo Meat thing (two friends laughed uneasily and one IETA member sent me a threatening note in English class), we here at the Aviary decided we needed to post another message I got, from an animal rights' group, as a public service announcement. This should serve as collateral for the damage and anguish we may have caused:

Dear Eaglie,

We here at Greenpeace believe that the western world needs to wake up and realize that animals are superior beings to humans. We're not opting for equality. We opt for full blown autocracy by invertebrates and other vertebrates alike! People in the world think we're crazy. That is not true. You cannot prove insanity without legal documents, which we would be immune from, as we are a powerful interest group.
That said, we are appalled that you would ever consider posting an advertisement that involves the slaughter of Hippopotami! You of all people! A well-known, respected animal activist and believer in the equality of animals! We demand that you post a retraction, apology, and post our public service announcement!

Image does not reflect the real Greenpeace*

The Nerds of Greenpeace

Hmmm, well, I am sorry for the mental anguish. I will think first in the future when offered $5.21 to post an ad on a site that doesn't make any money anyway. I'm sorry.

*Please note: Image does not reflect the views of the real Greenpeace or my views of them. Please leave my family and me alone, you terrorist Treehuggers!