Eaglie's Aviary

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Eaglie's "Do's and Don'ts" of Writing Papers:
  • Use many, many, many quotes (teachers love quotes, and they fill tons of space)
  • Change wordings when copying and pasting
  • Use the Thesaurus on MS Word to this end
  • Turn on funny "Away Message" on AIM while you're working
  • Use "widowers," one word on a line ending a paragraph
  • Use double-spacing without abandon

  • Misspell a teacher's name
  • Drink pop over the keyboard...
  • Let a paragraph end on the right side of the page (see "widower")
  • Leave footnotes from the source on the final draft
  • Try to write a list of do's and don'ts for papers while trying to write a paper yourself

By the way, Dr. Watts is leaving St. Ignatius as principal to be principal at Gordon Tech. I'm probably not going to be alone in saying this, as every single teacher at SICP that worked with him will say the same thing to him:

Poor rat!

He finally came off his ivory tower to tell us he was leaving. Most of the faculty knows me somehow. Dr. Watts never remembered who I was. Oh yeah, there was the time he left for Florida just before a huge snowstorm, and he had Ignatius go to school anyway, one of two schools in Chicago that stayed open that day. HE WAS NOT IN CHICAGO. HE WAS ON A BEACH. I went to school in a foot or so of snow, he was up to his ass in two inches of sand. Goodbye, and good luck, Dr. Watts!